Women Who Go Meetup Berlin – 2019.05

The coding community is still a male-dominated world, but women are finally making their way into it.

The coding community is still a male-dominated world, but women are finally making their way into it. One of the reasons for this successful development is the growing support structure, and the constant sharing and development of skills. Our DevOps Engineer, Vardit Natanson, reached out to the community and hosts the next Women Who Go Berlin Meetup at the travel audience headquarter. The topic is "Learn gRPC with Go" and the gathering will take place on the 16th of May.

We sat down with Ronna Steinberg, one of the organizers of the Women Who Go Berlin chapter, to get a better idea of the event.

Tell us about the community? What are the goals and how does it work?
Women Who Go is a global organisation dedicated to increase the participation of women in the Go community. It has recently merged with GoBridge with which we collaborated for a long time. Women Who Go Berlin is of course, the local chapter of those organizations.

How do the chapter Meetups work?
Like many meetups, we meet periodically (we aim for once a month), however, since most of our members are not professional gophers (the term for a Go developer) and are new to Go, we differ in that we aim to teach the language; we dedicate workshops to topics that are in demand, for instance, our next workshop at travel audience will be about gRPC with Go.

Who should come to the Meetups?

How old is the Berlin Chapter?
We have celebrated three years this February.

How does the Berlin Chapter differ from others … and where are they alike?
We are the best, obviously ...! But more seriously, we are one of the largest and since we have dedicated workshops to teach Go, our core group of participants is not necessarily made of professional gophers, other groups reflect the local Go community more.

Are there any costs to join?
No. Everything is absolutely free.

What is your favorite travel destination?
If I must choose I'd pick the glaciers in Nepal.

What is your travel tip you want to share with our readers?
Travel as often and as long as you can.

Thank you very much, Ronna. We are looking forward to the Meetup and hope to welcome many Gophers at our headquarter,

If you would like to join Vardit and Ronna at one of their next meetups, please visit the Meetup site of Women Who Go.


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