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Monetize your traffic and maximize revenue potential, powered by our AI tech, industry-leading partnerships, and network of quality advertisers

Monetize your traffic and maximize revenue potential, powered by our AI tech, industry-leading partnerships, and network of quality advertisers

Our approach
As an Amadeus company, we are a trusted leader in data-driven travel advertising worldwide. With our integrated advertising platform powered by AI technology and big data, we help our publisher partners monetize their audience, generate higher returns and increase bottom line profits.
Our monetization solutions
We empower you to monetize your traffic and convert a higher number of users by leveraging our inventory, native advertising and data partnerships, so you can focus on your core business.
Inventory and Audience data monetization

Premium Publisher Network

Join our exclusive competition-free network of travel publishers and benefit from monetization of your audience. Enhance your UX through native advertising.

Private Deals

Ensure your ad spaces are filled and inventory monetized, benefiting from a brand-safe environment and smoother selling process than an open auction.

Co-branded DMO Partnership

Leverage our ecosystem to get free traffic and branding campaigns sponsored by tourism boards, using co-branded ads to monetize your audience.

Data Partnerships

Monetize your privacy-compliant audience data after visitors have left your website in a brand safe way, and with no risk of cannibalising your core business.

Our Premium Publisher Network

Partners of our Premium Publisher Network benefit substantially from relevant, non-intrusive, native travel ads shown to the right user at the right time.

They can earn additional revenue every time a visitor clicks on an ad, but still, maintain full control of the appearance of third-party advertising on their site.

Full placement control

Customized and responsive design to ensure UX quality

Asynchronous page loads

Block and allow lists to prevent brand competition

Smooth implementation

By harnessing the power of our native algorithm with a simple implementation of the invocation code, publishers can share information about the traveler and we will optimize according to campaign KPIs including CPC, CPM, CTR, number of clicks. Our partners have customized reporting available at their desired frequency.

Unlock the benefits of our unique PPN to boost campaigns in an exclusive brand-safe, competition-free ads environment.


Our Private Deals

Connect directly with travel audience’s demand in a programmatic environment through private deals. Fulfill your display ad inventory with key benefits including:

Major SSPs

travel audience can buy your display inventory through major SSPs (Google Adx, Rubicon, AppNexus, Pubmatic, etc.)

Brand safety

Inventory monetization focused on brand safety and relevant content: travel-related advertisers such as Tourism boards, hotels, airlines and similar.

Attractive CPM price

Possibility to do bulk deals for a long time period and to generate significant incremental ad revenue increase.

Easy connection

Simple and fast deals created within minutes through SSPs connection, done directly between publisher and travel audience.

Our DMO Partnerships

As an online travel agency (OTA), airline or metasearch engine, you can benefit from an existing technical, commercial and legal framework created by travel audience. Through our ecosystem, we enable tourism boards to engage with users looking for their competing destinations ­– and to influence them to select their destination instead.

User visits

Searching for competitive destination of Tourism Board

User visits other websites

travel audience will inspire users to book our advertiser destination by showing him a co-branded ad of the OTA and destination.

User is redirected back to

By clicking on this ad, the user will be redirected to a co-branded landing page of OTA to book.

Our Data Partnerships

We empower you to monetize your audience data after they have left your website, by collecting unique user identifiers from many data partners. Your privacy-compliant data is safe with us and only used as part of the campaign setup and with travel-related premium advertisers. It is not shared with any third party or competitors.

User visits OTA.COM

User searches for a specific O&D in OTA website

User visits other websites

Travel audience recognizes the use online

User is shown a relevant travel ad

Travel audience serves them relevant ads

We pay you a % of net generated revenues

Our Benefits - Why choose travel audience? As an Amadeus company we are part of the leading technology company dedicated to the global travel industry.

Top 10

Software companies in the world by Forbes 2019 global rankings

1.8+ billion

Passengers boarded in 2018 with Amadeus and Navitaire solutions

640+ million

Total bookings processed in 2018 using the Amadeus distribution platform

Euro Stoxx 50

Recognition as one of the largest/ best performing public companies in Europe

8th year

Included and recognized as world leader in the software & services industry sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Get best-in-class expertise by a trusted partner of travel brands globally

As an Amadeus company, our accomplished team combines the know-how, skills and assets of a leading global travel technology company. Our fast and responsive account managers are equipped to proactively support you increase revenue.

Work with reliable industry-leading partners, guided by trust and transparency

Our relationships with Premium Travel Publishers and Data Partners are propelled by proactiveness to achieve the best results for them. We empower our partners with attentive communication and access to transparent, detailed reporting.

Monetize inventory through a global network of brand-safe, quality advertisers

Our partnerships with prominent Destinations and Travel Brands across the globe guarantee campaign diversity in terms of geographical coverage, ad formats and top offers to monetize inventory, in line with privacy and data regulation.

Maximize revenue potential with our highly-evolved AI proprietary technology

Our in-house AI tech powers all our advertising, allowing us to perform real-time data analysis and maximize revenue potential of ad space and data. Our customized UX, respectful banners and pixel won’t impact the user experience.

Benefit from seamless, beneficial partner integration and easy management

We seamlessly implement brand-safe monetization tools that enhance user experience, supporting you during the entire process. Our offer poses no risk of cannibalization of your core service – rather, it creates incremental revenues.

The partnership will be great for all parties involved! We offer flights to anywhere and everywhere [...]. The sky is really the limit with the different tourism boards we can work with through travel audience.

Natalie Arney

SEO Manager @ Alternative Airlines

Next to increasing exposure with the co-branded campaigns, we are able to strengthen our brand and inspire our users with great destinations from the travel audience Destination Advertising Ecosystem.

Beatriz Oficialdegui

Marketing Director @ Destinia

MetaConnect has worked well for momondo group, and we’re happy they are proceeding from the beta phase. Once set-up, it’s an easy plug’n’play solution for us as a metasearch and we hope to see many more airlines on board.

Bibi Lægaard

VP, EMEA Flights @ KAYAK

travel audience complements our content perfectly, allowing us to maximize our full revenue potential. Their ads perform twice as well on certain landing pages compared to other advertising partners.

Alessandra Di Lorenzo

CCO - Media & Partnerships @ group

We monetize our inventory better with travel audience because their contextualized native-ads generate more clicks [...] Our performance is much better, with an average increase in the click rate of 35%.

Thomas Sauzedde

Chief Operating Officer @

We receive free high-quality traffic and it is converting very well. Naturally, we are happy about every new destination partner travel audience adds to their growing Destination Advertising Ecosystem.

Marijn Prijs

Senior SEA Specialist @

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