For Media Agencies

Connect your ads with precisely targeted travelers to deliver measurable results to your clients

Connect your ads with precisely targeted travelers to deliver measurable results to your clients

Our approach

We are a trusted leader in data-driven travel advertising. With our integrated advertising platform powered by AI technology and big data, we empower our partner agencies to target and reach travelers at scale.

Our digital advertising channels

Run multi-channel campaigns across different devices to target and acquire tailor-made segments of travelers

Direct Advertising

Reach users with high intent to travel in our Premium Publisher Network – an exclusive, brand-safe environment.
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Programmatic Advertising

Reach relevant users at scale and continuously optimize using our AI technology for increased conversions.
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Social Advertising

Reach and leverage the largest social audience with our social prospecting and dynamic ads.
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Our Data

Run advertising campaigns driven by unique travel data. Get relevant, transparent and actionable campaign insights to engage your audience and improve ROAS.


Our comprehensive data enables you to reach specific segments of travelers before they book their flights or train tickets. By combining different data sets, you can achieve optimal marketing results.

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Our Benefits - Why choose travel audience?

As an Amadeus company we are part of the trusted, leading technology company dedicated to the global travel industry


High ROAS on your ad campaigns

We empower partner agencies with intelligent solutions leveraging big data and agile targeting, to reach and track the ideal traveler with the highest Return on Advertising spend (ROAS) possible.


Brand safety and transparent reporting

Thanks to our partnerships with Premium Publishers and Data Partners, highly specialized in travel, we provide an unparalleled source of quality, brand safety and transparent reporting.


Fast and responsive account management

Our accomplished team combines the industry knowledge, skills and assets of a leading global travel technology company, guiding you on the latest travel trends and providing reliable support.


Speed in quality and delivery

We provide easy onboarding and integration, empowering you to quickly set up and implement campaigns. We help you achieve KPIs through a personalized consulting service.

Want to reach your campaign goals with more precision, transparency and proven ROI?

Start today, backed by our proprietary AI tech and big data