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Inspire, attract, and win your ideal visitors by leveraging our data for a tailored campaign strategy, and using the power of our dynamic digital advertising

Inspire, attract, and win your ideal visitors by leveraging our data for a tailored campaign strategy, and using the power of our dynamic digital advertising

Our approach

As an Amadeus company, we are a trusted partner of destinations worldwide. We provide integrated, data-driven solutions that help inspire, attract and win your ideal visitors. From stimulating demand to increasing the number of visitors or maximizing tourist value in the destination, we support customers at every stage delivering proven results.

Our digital advertising channels

We empower you to run multi-channel campaigns that make an impact along the traveler journey, powered by our best-in-class, purpose-built tech

Our data

Access our comprehensive, unique and global travel data – ­from any origin to any destination – and harness it to reach ideal visitors, ensure optimal campaign results, and predict traveler trends ahead of time.


By offering a deeper understanding of campaign performance and the competitive landscape, we enable destinations and their marketing teams to build a dynamic and impactful media plan.

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Destination Suite

Enhance your reporting with our intelligible purpose-built analytics platform, by getting instant access to up-to-date campaign performance, customised dashboards and focussed budget management.


Get access to our Destination Suite, tap into big data and turn it into meaningful insights to drive strategic decision-making for your destination.

Our Benefits - Why choose travel audience?

Get best-in-class travel expertise, backed by Amadeus

We are a well-established partner of destinations globally. As an Amadeus company, our accomplished team combines the know-how, skills and assets of a leading, global travel technology company. Our experts are equipped to support you every step of the way and guide you on the latest industry trends.

Run advertising campaigns driven by unique travel data

Reach and track ideal travelers with the highest Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) possible. Leverage GEO-location ads to target users in their country of origin and at destination, maximizing tourist value. With GEO-location conversion, track numbers of real passengers against online cancellations.

Combine data sets to achieve optimal marketing results

We empower you to plan campaigns strategically and more effectively, and to define and target your users on a granular level. Reach and acquire specific segments – weekend, frequent, family, and luxury travelers – and benefit from GEO-location based city, origin and destination targeting options.

Leverage advertising powered by proprietary AI technology

Highly evolved in-house AI technology and intelligent data power all our advertising, allowing us to offer scalable, easy-to-use and tailor-made solutions. By performing real-time big data analysis and optimizing every aspect of the user journey, we deliver measurable results for destinations worldwide.

Access granular insights through Premium Publishers Network

Our Premium Publishers and Data Partners ensure unparalleled quality, brand safety, and relevant targeting based on travelers’ search and booking preferences. By showing advertisers the actual visitors who booked a trip after seeing their ads, we provide the missing link in their conversion funnel.

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