Travel Tech Tournament 2018 – Meet the Jury – Suzanna Chiu

We are hosting the Travel Tech Tournament on the 20th of June as a satellite event of the Tech Open Air Berlin.

We are hosting the Travel Tech Tournament on the 20th of June as a satellite event of the Tech Open Air Berlin.
Together with our friends from Travel Massive, we are hosting this event to bring the international travel and start-up community together. Five selected start-ups will present their company on stage and pitch their deck to a jury of six start-up and travel experts from companies like HomeToGo, GetYourGuide, Cube and Amadeus Ventures. The winner receives a media, mentoring & PR - package from the jury.

To give you a better insight into the Travel Tech Tournament, we want to introduce you to the members of our jury. We are starting this series with Suzanna Chiu, Head of Amadeus Ventures.

Suzanna, tell us a little bit about you? What's your background?

Before Amadeus, I was in investment banking and technology consulting.  I worked in London and Hong Kong and have always been in an international environment working cross geographies and cultures.  VC is the perfect next step where I can combine both my financial and technology sense in the same job.

How did you land in the travel industry?

By total coincidence!  My background is more on telecom and IT.  Amadeus is my first encounter of the travel industry and I’m loving it!

Why have you decided to join the jury of the Travel Tech Tournament?

I have been running Amadeus Ventures for more than four years and have met thousands of startups in the past. Amadeus Ventures is the startup investment program of Amadeus IT Group, where we collaborate with passionate entrepreneurs who work on concepts at the interception of travel and technology.  I believe my experience can contribute to the collective wisdom of the jury of the TTT.

What do you expect from the event?

I hope to be able to meet with interesting people and have interesting conversations.

What is your (company's) contribution for the winner of the TTT?

Winner of the TTT would receive mentorship session with the Amadeus Ventures team and opportunity to connect relevant Amadeus customer / solution team for further feedback.

What is the most inspiring travel start-up story you know?

Amadeus Ventures invested in a very young startup based in Galicia Spain. The team work on the technology of indoor navigation, where one of the use cases is to help people with visual impairment to navigate in an indoor environment, for example an airport. Post-investment I found out that the CEO’s fiancé would benefit from this new technology as she is visually impaired. I always have tears in my eyes when I retell this story.

What tips can give to the start-ups entering the tournament?

Focus on how you can transform traveler experience at certain point of their journey, and how you can make money out of this concept.

What is the worst thing to start the pitch with?

An apology.

What is your favorite travel destination?

Kuta Kinabalu… and Mallorca.

What is your travel tip / #travelhack ?

Always pack 1 extra set of change of clothes – you never know when you’ll miss that last plane of the day.

Thank you very much. We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.


If you are a team of movers and shakers and have a great idea and the pitch deck to match? Do you have what it takes to stir up the travel market? Have you created an app and want to show it to millions of travelers? Let us know and hand in your pitch deck before the 14th of June.

Or do you just want to network with the international travel tech community during TOA? Then sign up here!


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