Travel Tech Tournament 2018 – Meet the Jury – Simon Munch-Andersen

The Travel Tech Tournament is just about to start, the jury has selected the "final five" to pitch live on stage and we are excited about this great event.

The Travel Tech Tournament is just about to start, the jury has selected the "final five" to pitch live on stage and we are excited about this great event. To give you one last insight before the actual tournament, we want you to meet the sixth member of our jury, Simon Munch-Andersen, the CTO of travel audience.

Simon, tell us a little bit about you?
Originally I am from Copenhagen, but I grew up in Paris and now living in Berlin. I have been an engineering manager at different levels for the last 15 years and founded a good handful of companies - some more successful than others. I've always been enthusiastic about technology and its possibilities it is offering to change the way users and businesses are interacting.

How did you land in the travel industry?
I joined travel audience at the end of 2016 as the CTO. Up to that point my passion in travel was more on actively travelling around the world.

Why have you decided to join the jury of the TTT?
I have a big passion for startups and its community in Berlin. I support a few early stage companies as Technical Advisor and I enjoy helping them to build and scale their product and team.

What do you expect from the event?
Learn about the exciting start-ups participating, connect with their founders and the audience.

What is your contribution for the winner of the TTT?
travel audience is organising and hosting the event and the winner receives a media package from travel audience worth 5000€.

What is the most inspiring travel start-up story you know?
Fatmap: Discover hiking, biking or skiing adventures across the world's outdoor spaces in beautifully detailed 3D maps that can be used offline.

What tips can you give to the start-ups entering the tournament?
Present a lean product. Build less, not more and focus on quality and execution. Experience has taught me that taking six months to build an app with 150 screens is effectively a guaranteed disaster. Focus first on what you can build in six to eight weeks, max. Then add and release the most compelling additional features in one- or two-week increments.

What is the worst thing to start the pitch with?
Don't start with boring stats and numbers. Focus instead on explaining the concrete problem that you're trying to solve.

What is your favorite travel destination?
I'm a big fan of Eastern Europe. It's affordable, the food is great as well as many beautiful places to explore.

What is your travel tip / #travelhack ?
You can't rely on WiFi connections or roaming while exploring a new country, which means you’re going to find it impossible to access Google Maps live. But it now allows you to save map areas directly to your phone and bring them up later to explore while being offline.

Simon, thank you so much for your time and we are looking forward to seeing you at the event.

As we already said, the start-ups already selected. However, if you want to join us and network with the members from international travel industry, sign up here.


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