Product Terms and Conditions

This page provides customers of Travel Audience GmbH (“Travel Audience”) with the terms and conditions under which the services of Travel Audience are provided.

Different Terms apply to the different Travel Audience services, as detailed below:

  • If you are a direct publisher of advertisements provided by Travel Audience, the “Terms and Conditions for Publishers” will apply;
  • If you are an advertiser, the “Terms and Conditions for Advertisers” will apply; and
  • If you are using the “Dynamic Fares” service, the “Terms and Conditions for Dynamic Fares” will apply.

We recommend you read these carefully in order to fully understand yours and Travel Audience’s rights and obligations. You can determine when the terms were last revised by referring to the “Last Updated” legend at the top of the respective page, and we recommend that you regularly review and keep yourself informed of the terms in effect.

If you have any questions relating to the Travel Audience’s services or our terms, please contact us at

Terms and Conditions for Advertisers
Terms and Conditions for Dynamic Fares
Terms and Conditions for Publishers