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Employee Spotlight – Gonzalo Blanc

We are happy to treat you with the new edition of our employee spotlight series. This time we interviewed Gonzalo.

We are happy to treat you with the new edition of our employee spotlight series. This time we interviewed Gonzalo.

Gonzalo, please tell us what you do at travel audience.

What a good question! Since I joined, I have had quite a transversal role, being involved mainly in product-related topics, sales and strategy. My main role has been to coordinate a project for Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

How does this help the travelers?

Everything we do at travel audience is focused on the traveler. The goal of the technology and products we develop is to understand, through data, what are the different types of travelers, their preferences, needs and expectations. That way, we are able to show ads that are relevant to the users – and help them embark on the next great adventure!

Please, tell us about your background.

Little bit of this, little bit of that. I started working for a big consulting company. I learned a lot but didn’t particularly enjoy it, so I decided to change direction. I studied a master’s in international business and worked one year for the Spanish Embassy in Vietnam (what a year!). After that, I joined the strategy department of Amadeus and that is how I ended up in travel audience.

What is your big project at travel audience? Your big challenge?

The Dubai project is my biggest project currently. It is a fascinating, very complex project that has allowed both us and Dubai Tourism to grow, learn and innovate together, breaking with the pre-established models used nowadays in the industry.

As for what challenge I would like to take on in the future … I am particularly interested in the strategic side of the business, in understanding where the industry is moving towards and what would be the right positioning of travel audience in this changing landscape, to ensure a long and sustainable growth.

How long have you been working at travel audience?

Just over 6 months … but many more to come!

Why did you choose the travel industry?

Who wouldn’t? It is a highly dynamic and fast-growing industry, and digitalization brings along many new opportunities. From the data and ad-tech perspective, I find particularly interesting to see how some players in the industry, such as destinations, are becoming more and more aware of the potential of these solutions, and shifting from an offline-based marketing strategy to a more data-driven online strategy that allows them to target specific user segments, measure performance and optimize campaigns.

Why did you choose travel audience?

This one is easy. There are many reasons that make travel audience a great company to work in. The working environment is dynamic, fast-paced and challenging, and every new day is different from the previous one. The startup mentality and flexibility create a great atmosphere to work in, and the team is just fantastic. I also believe that being part of the Amadeus group adds a lot of value to the company.

How long have you been living in Berlin?

Since I joined, so only 6 months! So still plenty of things yet to discover about this city.

Why did you choose Berlin?

Because travel audience is here! Berlin is an amazing city. Its diversity, its openness, its energy, its history and most of all, its beer, make it one of the most attractive cities to live in.

Tell us about your work with Amadeus. Do you have a lot of contact with your colleagues around the globe?

More and more. travel audience is in a sweet position, as it operates independently but has the advantage of leveraging Amadeus to create high-value synergies. Amadeus is a huge company, and the more we know about all its different areas and departments, the more we can use this expertise and knowledge to build competitive advantages.

What is your favourite travel destination?

Ahhhh … somewhere with mountains. I am unconditionally in love with the Himalaya range – Nepal and Tibet are two destinations with fascinating cultures and unbelievable and dramatic landscapes.

What is your travel tip / #travelhack?

I always try to step out of my comfort zone when traveling, and this has given me the best experiences in all my trips. I have slept on the floor in the house of Tibetan yak herders (they woke us up at 5 am to milk the yaks, that was less funny), traveled thousands of miles in the lowest class of Indian trains, slept on a hammock in the Amazon rainforest, under the stars in the Sahara desert among the Berbers … these experiences are just priceless!

What is the best thing about your job?

My job gives me the chance to be in contact with many people across different teams, which is what I enjoy the most about it. The opportunity to work with talented people from all around the world with many different backgrounds is at the same time enriching and a lot of fun.

What is your hidden talent?

I have a special talent to make gazpacho (a Spanish cold tomato soup). This is somehow innate; it’s not something that I can explain ... it’s a gift, I’m just very good at making it.

What have you not told your colleagues?

One of my favorite things in life is photography, especially travel and wildlife photography. I particularly enjoy going to the countryside in Spain, wearing camouflage clothes, climbing a tree and staying there for hours photographing deer, birds … Although I am not amazing at it, I am not bad either when I’m inspired – I even won a National Geographic contest in 2016!


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