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Tenerife chooses travel audience to promote responsible travel to the island

Tenerife Tourism Corporation, responsible for the promotion of the island, deploys data-driven advertising and insights to attract new visitors while travel recovers.

For many destinations, promoting and reactivating travel in a responsible way has been a tricky path to navigate throughout 2020 and 2021. Local and national lockdowns, the opening and closing of travel corridors, and other restrictions on travel have forced many Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) to continually delay or change strategy to adhere with the latest regulations. That’s why Turismo de Tenerife has chosen travel audience, an Amadeus company, to take a data-driven approach to advertising in order to promote Tenerife in a responsible and impactful way despite the challenging times.

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, currently uses Amadeus’ exclusive search and booking data analyzed by travel audience to track demand and get a better understanding of how the destination is performing in comparison to competitors.  This has allowed Tenerife to gain insights into new competitors that have emerged due to shifting border controls.  It has also delivered an understanding of where visitors may be coming from alongside the planned duration of the trip.

Turismo de Tenerife will now use this data to develop new targeted advertising campaigns with multiple strands of messaging tailored for various segments of travelers, framing the destination in new and uniquely attractive ways to appeal to different demographics. These campaigns will be regularly reviewed and optimized using insights gained from their performance as well as the most up-to-date search and booking data in order to promote responsible travel to the island both during and outside of “high season”.

Regularly tailoring the advertising campaigns’ messages also ensures that they reflect the current travel recommendations. Tenerife will keep potential visitors updated on the latest safety measures and actions taken by the destination to adhere to any new regulations.

David Pérez, Chief Executive Officer at Tenerife Tourism Corporation says: “Our digital advertising campaigns, informed by travel audience, will help to stimulate demand and generate bookings from potential visitors.  Consumer travel behavior and travel corridors are understandably regularly shifting at the moment.  For example, if we compare data insights from 2021 with 2019, we can see the top destinations visiting Tenerife have changed this year, while the lead booking time is becoming much shorter than normal. Staying close to the data and adjusting our campaigns means that we can target potential travelers much more accurately with the right message, at the right time.”

Arialdo Piatti, Managing Director and Head of Product at travel audience, adds: “Tenerife has successfully taken part in travel corridors to many European countries when it has been safe to do so. Taking a data-driven approach to its campaigns with travel audience this year will help destinations like Tenerife to bring visitors back and reactivate tourism in a responsible way, which is key to successfully building traveler confidence in 2021 and beyond.”

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