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travel audience meta connect offers a one-stop shop, connecting airlines to metasearch websites with one contract. We provide the handling of contracts, reporting, and payouts as well as the fare search API; something an affiliate network cannot offer.

Airlines should receive more traffic from metasearch

Smaller metas often struggle to implement their own fare search. They cannot handle commercial relations with many airlines; in particular with those outside of their home market.

They use the fare search from OTAs or they revert to screen-scraping, causing inaccurate results and unnecessary load to the airline websites.

As a result, small and medium metas lose out on revenue opportunities, and airlines are not presented well in the search results; losing revenue as well.

Beyond affiliation

Our platform connects metasearch companies to a growing array of airlines on a performance basis (Cost per Click / Cost per Acquisition) and provides search features via single search web services.

The platform connects metasearch companies in no time to high quality content search that also includes fare families from airlines, so metasearch can start converting and monetizing traffic thanks to fully integrated tracking codes.

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Connecting airlines and the long tail of metas

The powerful Amadeus search technology ensures that the right airline offers are accurately displayed in metasearch results, and users are directed to real, bookable content on the airline’s website.

This goes beyond the current meta-airlines referral model. meta connect is a global network, that increases airlines’ exposure around the globe. Airlines benefit from incremental referral and direct sales on their website.

travel audience has left the beta stage and our initial partners are raving:

“Once set-up, it is an easy plug’n‘play solution for us as a meta search and we hope to see many more airlines on board” says Bibi Lægaard Global Head of Meta Sales @ momondo group

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Key benefits

  • Single entry point for airlines to apply and manage its commercial logic, contract and settlement plans with multiple small/medium sized metas around the world
  • Full flexibility to determine business approach with each metasearch partner, in each market
  • Increases airline market reach through global network comprised of small/medium sized metas
  • Higher conversions thanks to accurate and bookable airline content being displayed on meta site
  • Reduced screen scraping and associated IT costs for airlines
  • Airline keeps full control of the booking process and products offered to the end-customer

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