The winning formula

The winning formula for data-driven advertising

Every advertiser faces the same challenges: How can I acquire as many users as possible, engage them with my brand and products, so that as many as possible convert and retain them as loyal customers.

If done right, data-driven advertising is a useful solution to overcome these challenges and we want to show you our winning formula.

1. Relevant data builds a strong foundation

Combining relevant data enables one to make intelligent decisions on who the user is and what her needs are. In travel this is even more complex, as the needs of the travelers change continuously and the amounts of data are diverse. Sociodemographic data are simple, but adding destination data or travel intent, creates even more relevant data for travel advertising.

We are compiling, aggregating and matching these huge amounts of data and building our unique data foundation for travel advertising. This creates a complete view of the traveler, her customer journey and allows to better target new customers. The idea here is simple: 1+1+1=5!

2. Accurate prediction models

Everybody can apply common sense to classify traveler types, but that does not allow you to create great campaigns. This is where maching learning helps. We have more data, we dig deeper and we identify traveler types and traveler intent.

Based on the unique data foundation, machine learning allows the creation of digital footprints of known travelers. It also allows the comparison of unknown travelers and draw the right conclusions. Online Travel Agencies receive more insights on booking patterns, destination marketing organizations identify their real competitors and airlines can focus on the right routes.

3. Real-time product selection

In collaboration with Amadeus we have created truly unique dynamic creatives, showing actual prices out of the instant search database within less than 100ms. Free of additional implementation and without manual updates, this simple plug n pay solution allows accurate fares per origin and destination, improving every campaigns conversion rates. A user clicks on the offer and lands directly on the search result page of the advertiser. Consistency is the key for great conversion rates.

This technology also enables us to customize the request on a more granular level, tailoring relevant offers to every specific traveler type and travel intent.

travel audience dynamic creatives

4. Dynamic bidding

Every traveler type has different booking patterns and creates distinct digital footprints. We see between 20-100 travel related site visits and over 500 non-travel site visits per user prior to a booking. Our platform is able to listen, see and automatically act on the relevant data signals during these customer journeys.

This holistic view of the journey allows us to optimize every aspect of the campaign strategy, such as increasing brand focus, showing inspirational videos or releasing more tactical dynamic display ads with concrete travel offers on social media channels.

5. Closed feedback loop

Last but probably most important, ensure that there is a direct feedback loop back to the data foundation.

With every relevant new data signal, with every intelligent decision taken, with every transaction performed, the prediction models of our platform continuously improve. The travelers digital footprints become more accurate, and the timing and selection of the right offer (at the right price) gets better.

It is the combination of all five building blocks from relevant data to prediction models to personalized content to dynamic bidding to the final closed feedback loop that increases your chance for greater success within data-driven advertising.

Knowing your customers is absolutely necessary and a great first step. But predicting what travelers need, want and will do before they know it is even more interesting.

It is neither easy nor is there a “one size shoe fits all” solution. It requires a lot of dedication, testing, experimentation, trial and error and constant iterations and improvements to really make it work. Or a good partner.

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