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travel audience is the world’s leading data-driven travel advertising platform.
Our platform connects the leading performance-oriented advertisers with the biggest network of travel publishers, reaching millions of travelers.

Custom audiences

Every advertiser has similar challenges, but defines his target group differently. There are countless ways to categorize luxury, business or leisure travelers.

We offer you more than ready made cookie pools. We enable you to pick a traveler segment out of more than 85 million unique users, adjust it to your own targeting needs, and present your offering to your customized travel audience.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, promote new routes, or wish to boost your performance, our travel advertising platform creates these audiences specifically designed for your advertising goals.

Dynamic fare integration

In collaboration with Amadeus we have created truly unique dynamic creatives, showing actual prices out of the instant search database within less than 100ms. Free of additional implementation and without manual updates, this simple plug and play solution allows accurate fares per origin and destination, improving every campaigns conversion rates. A user clicks on the offer and lands directly on the search result page of the advertiser. Consistency is the key for great conversion rates.

travel audience dynamic creatives

Origin and destination targeting

We leverage origin and destination information in our campaign targeting and ad media. This allows you to drive conversion rates through increased relevance.

This also enables you to promote specific destinations, intensify your advertising for specific routes, and reach audiences in selected regions.

Social advertising

Combine Facebook and Instagram campaigns with our customized travel audiences to run optimized campaigns and increase your reach. We offer a combination of Facebook’s reach and targeting capabilities with travel audience data, insights, and specific optimization algorithms.

Thanks to the integration of dynamic fares and deep linking into the relevant steps of the booking flow, adding bookable ads allows for targeted prospecting campaigns, to reach new travelers with enriched data for cross device advertising.

Native Ads and Direct Search Ads

Our individually designed Native Ads seamlessly integrate into the look and feel of our partners’ websites. We enhance their content with contextually relevant ads, fitting directly with their travel content information or search results pages.

Our Direct Search Ads integrate contextually relevant native ads with bookable offers directly into the search results.

One of France’s leading travel publishers has reported an increase in CTR by 35% and an increase in eCPM compared to generic native ads by 186%. Read more about it in our case study.

Premium Publisher Network

Our Premium Publisher Network consists of more than 500 travel publishers, including online travel agencies, metasearch sites and travel sites, who publish third-party content in the form of native advertising. This network generates more than 125 million travel search requests per month, which we use for the creation of our custom audiences.

With more than 1000 travel specific private market place deals with the biggest publishers, we reach more than 85 million unique users per month.

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