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Machine learning is the key to delivering what travelers want

There is a lot for the travel industry to consider. However, it’s clear that motivation heavily influences traveler decisions.

If you were a mother looking to book a family holiday would you be interested in singles cruises or an extreme sports vacation? Probably not. And with the advances in advertising technology, there is no reason a travel player shouldn’t be able to reach exactly the right customer.

This is what we do at travel audience. We aim to connect leading advertisers from airlines to online travel agencies to destination marketing organizations, with a large network of publishers, allowing them to reach millions of travelers worldwide with relevant advertising content.

We can identify people searching for trips and show them offers when they are most likely to book – all with the help of machine learning technology. We are building destination campaigns tailored to specific segments in exclusive channels, including online travel publishers, social media, and metasearch engines — ultimately to generate more incremental visitors through better management of campaigns and profound insights into the world of travel.

As part of Amadeus’ Strategic Growth Businesses, we are committed to the growth of the industry through innovative solutions and have successfully managed to reach millions of unique users per month that help us gain deep insight into traveler behavior and intentions. Combining machine learning with data produces real travel insights that transform how travel brands interact with customers, inspiring them through personalized and relevant offers, and improved online conversion.

There is a lot for the travel industry to consider. However, it’s clear that motivation heavily influences traveler decisions. Therefore, the sector must incorporate a deeper understanding of travelers to tailor and upsell its services. Find out more about what motivates travelers in our Amadeus report Understanding traveler motivations.

The report will explore

  • Why understanding travelers' motivation matters
  • How the travel industry can adapt
  • Some recommendations for the travel industry

Travel Companies can take some steps that include focusing on experiences and motivations, considering non-bookable content beyond flights and hotels, and using technology and techniques such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and advanced search to improve conversion.



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