Direct advertising

Benefit from the exclusive and direct advertising through Premium Publisher Network

Benefit from the exclusive and direct advertising through Premium Publisher Network

Reach users with high intent to travel, using a premium ad format

We partner with top publishers in the travel industry to create an exclusive, brand-safe environment for your advertising – our Premium Publisher Network (PPN).


Our partners tap into this customized advertising space to increase customer engagement and booking intent.

Unlock the benefits of our unique PPN and direct advertising offering

Maximize campaigns through our Premium Publishers

Tap into our high-quality channel and reach users with high intent to travel, resulting in increased customer engagement, higher click through-rates (an average CTR of 1% approximately), viewability up to 80%, and higher lift in CPA/booking intent.

Ensure brand-safety and unparalleled quality

You’ll know exactly where your ads are shown in our network of premium travel publishers. This exclusive PPN environment, which is travel focused, ensures that we target only true travelers in the most relevant context.

Benefit from a competition-free environment

Our goal is to help you boost your campaigns. By providing a competition-free ads environment – where placements are fully-owned by travel audience and individual publisher selection is available – we help you do just that.

Improve user experience with native integration

Run contextual ads, adapted to our partners’ user search preference – down to their O&D, travel dates, types of product, and more. We also offer the native format integration that provides a non-disruptive user experience, against inadvertent clicks.

Want to reach your advertising goals with more precision and proven ROI?

Let us help you deliver measurable results, backed by our proprietary tech and network of premium publishers.