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Employee Spotlight – Filip Popić

Presenting another Employee Spotlight, this time from our Reporting & Analytics team. Read below and get to know Filip Popić!


Presenting another Employee Spotlight, this time from our Reporting & Analytics team. Read below and get to know Filip Popić!

Tell us what you do at travel audience
I'm a Data Engineer in the Reporting & Analytics team.

How does this help the travelers?
The Reporting & Analytics team is one of the delivery teams that match a massive amount of data that has been continually coming from many different data sources with data produced by our machine learning models, in order to yield some valuable information which can be used by other teams for monitoring, bench marking and optimizing our products and overall performance, that in the end helps travelers to find and book flights and various services they might be looking for.

Tell us about your background
I'm 24, and I come from Zagreb, in beautiful Croatia! I'm a recent graduate in Computer Science from the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing), and I love to try and learn new things, especially exploring new opensource technologies. Last summer I completed a 3-month Software Development internship in one of the most successful Croatian startups Farmeron, where I learned a lot about working with people. I speak Croatian, English, German and a bit of Japanese.
Besides that, I like to spend my free time outdoors, go running, MTB cycling and playing basketball 3-on-3 or just hanging out with my friends.

How long have you been working at travel audience?
I have just finished my first six months period, and I feel that time passed so quickly, which is a good sign! I still remember my first on-boarding sessions.

Why did you choose travel audience?
I was looking for a company where I'll be able to try, work on and contribute to projects that are related to things that I liked and learned during my bachelor's and master's degrees. It seemed like a good step from scientific to the industrialized real-world environment. Furthermore, I love to travel and explore new places, countries, and meeting new people and their culture; and I am glad that I am working in an industry that supports and makes these things happen

Why did you choose Berlin?
I heard so many exciting stories (almost legends) about Berlin and people having a good time here, so I just had to come and try it by myself. Moreover, I always wanted to experience life in such a big city with such diverse, open-minded young people and surprising places.

What is your favourite travel destination
Besides my lovely and sunny Croatia, my favourite travel destination is entire South American continent, especially Machu Pichu in Peru which I would like to visit one day soon!

What is your travel tip / travel hack?
Go sightseeing on a bike. It is an exciting way to explore and bump into some cool places that are often hidden from the usual touristic routes and you won't lose too much time checking and
waiting for public transport.

What is your hidden talent?
I can honestly kill people with my cooking - but I'm trying my hardest to improve my cooking skills while cooking together with coworkers on the 4th floor office kitchen.

Tell us something you have never told your colleagues
I am afraid of heights even though I'm 2 meters tall. Every time I look down I feel a bit dizzy, but I think I’m used to it by now!


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