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Employee Spotlight – Anders McCarthy

A new month means a new Employee Spotlight. Anders McCarthy took the time to sit down and answer our questions for this edition.

A new month means a new Employee Spotlight. Anders McCarthy took the time to sit down and answer our questions for this edition.

Anders, tell us what you do at travel audience.
I am a backend developer.  I write Go code, design APIs, and debug systems.  I am responsible mostly for internal tools used in our ad operations department.

How does this help the travelers?
The travelers are our end users, and in my role I'm pretty far removed from them.  But if I do my job well, the travelers will see content that is relevant to them, giving them lower travel fares and more interesting destinations than they would discover without us.

Tell us about your background.
I have a MS in electrical engineering and worked for a tech company in Seattle before getting the travel bug and taking a trip to Korea.  There I got seduced into becoming an English teacher, went back to school for a teaching degree, and spent the next 13 years as a university lecturer in Seoul.

In 2012 I got recruited to join the newly formed Seoul branch of Favorite Medium, a consulting company based in Singapore.  It was there that I got to learn the inns and outs of client work, product design, and testing; I was able to develop proficiency in several programming languages.  Ultimately I decided that I wanted to do more work in Go and began looking for the next opportunity.  This led me to travel audience.

What is your big project at travel audience? Your big challenge?
I am working on so many things that it's hard to pinpoint one as the big project.  But I have learned that the biggest challenges are not technical.  The biggest challenges are organizing and communicating across teams so that when it comes to the software, all of the pieces can work together.

How long have you been working at travel audience?
A year and four months.

Why did you choose the travel industry?
It was an accident.  I chose the company, and it happened to be a travel company.  No complaints of course, because just like everyone else here, I love to travel.

Why did you choose travel audience?
Mostly because the people I interviewed with seemed like they would make great colleagues.  Also, I felt that there was a high value placed on the ability to think analytically and solve problems, and I enjoy thinking analytical and solving problems.

How long have you been living in Berlin?
A year and four months.

Why did you choose Berlin?
It's hip, family-friendly, and has career opportunities for both me and my wife.

What is your favourite travel destination?
Sokcho, on the east coast of Korea.  Spend a day in the mountains, spend a day on the beach, and feast every day on king crab.

What is your travel tip / #travelhack?
Buy an all-day transit pass for cities that you visit.  It saves the hassle of buying individual tickets, and it also stops you from feeling the need to ration trips.

What is the best thing about your job?
Sorry for the cliché answer, but it's the people.  There's a high level of professionalism in the office, but we also like to have fun.

What is your hidden talent?
I play piano and viola (but not at the same time).

What have you not told your colleagues?
How much time I've spent at salsa clubs.

Check out our career section, if you would like to join Anders and his team here at travel audience.



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