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13/04/2017 Events, Interview

Travel Massive Chapter Meetup Berlin – Interview

We are happy to support the Travel Massive community by hosting the next Chapter Meetup at our travel audience headquarter. To give you a better insight on what the event is all about, we have asked the Berlin chapter head Lydia Band a few questions in our blog.

Lydia, tell us about the Travel Massive community? What are the goals and how does it work?

Travel Massive is a global network of locally connected communities of travel industry insiders. We want to bring people from the travel industry together, in order to exchange knowledge, ideas and experience, and to create a purposeful change to the way we travel.

There are more than 130 Chapters, and the purpose of the local Meetups is to build meaningful partnerships and foster innovation. The members empower and learn from each other in an equitable way. Community chapters are created by one or more chapter co-founders, who volunteer to organize local events in order to connect and develop their local travel industry.

When have you joined TM and since when are you heading the Berlin Chapter?

I first got in contact with Travel Massive in 2014 and then during the ITB in 2015. I was impressed by the organic growth of the community and the ideas and connections that developed through this.

After the fair I heard that the Berlin Chapter needed some more support. So I joined the former Chapter leader and became an active part of it.

How does the Berlin Chapter differ from others … and where are they alike?

I guess all Chapters are alike in the spirit and openness, which the Chapter leaders and the community members bring with them. I love to see people from various backgrounds from the industry exchanging their thoughts and starting to collaborate and learn from each other. In Berlin, new and exciting ideas are always appreciated, and I think people value the creative and free energy of the city. We are trying to have diverse topics and speakers at our events, and people are always interested and supportive. The city is not stuck to a certain kind of branch, target group or way of thinking – everybody can find their field of interest and a like-minded crowd.

How do the Chapter Meetups work?

We are trying to have a good mix of different formats, from networking events to panel discussions, parties or open conversations – there are so many possibilities.

I’m trying to find a balance between relevant topics from the travel industry, which are also of interest to the Berlin community. Locations are always changing, as this is also a great opportunity for everyone to discover different parts and places of the city. Depending on the topic and type of event, speakers are usually invited to provide some content. Afterwards there is always time for networking and more in-depth conversations.

Who should come to the Meetups?

Everyone from the tourism industry (or with an interest in the respective topic) is invited to the events. As we are organizing and promoting the events mainly though our Travel Massive platform, members from the community are the main group of attendees. However, we want to keep it an open space and are always welcoming new members.

Are there any costs to join?

Becoming a Travel Massive community member, and using our platform, is free of charge. Our events are open and usually free, but depending on the format and extent of preparation, a small attendance fee might be possible. Sometimes events can be supported by local industry sponsors, who assist with event costs.

What is your favorite travel destination? 

Actually I don’t have one specific destination. I prefer and usually try to always visit places I haven’t been before. I travelled to Iceland about two years ago and felt really touched and impressed by the atmosphere, nature and the people. I definitely want to go there again and discover more of the country.

What is your travel tip you want to share with our readers?

Eat where the locals eat!