06/04/2017 Events

Skift Forum Europe

Our Head of Business Development and Airline Sales, Christoph Althoff, attented the Skift Forum Europe this year, and took the time to give us a quick recap interview.

Christoph, Skift positioned the conference as the „TED of travel“. Do you agree?

Yes, all the presentations were very insightful and outspoken; the following interviews were also great. You can call it the TED of travel indeed.

Give us a little overview. How was it setup?

It was a friendly and familiar athomsphere; definitely more intimiate than other digital advertising conferences. There were around 400 attendees, and all sessions took place in one auditorium with a moderator and one or two panelists.

Before we dive into a few sessions. Tell us about your fellow attendants.

It was a colorful mix of attendees from OTAs, metasearchers, DMOs, hotels, MarTech companies and media agencies. To my surprise I only spotted two airline attendees; and one was the CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, who was a also panelist. On the other hand her Excellency Lina Annab, the Minister of Tourism of Jordania, gave the opening presentation and clearly embraced the importance of digital marketing for DMOs.

You have been to a lot of sessions, but what are the key takeaways you want to share?  

There recurring theme was, people will continue to travel. They are looking for new experiences. This travel experience will move into the center stage of advertising. As people look for different experiences and travel for different reasons, we are witnessing an „audience fragmantation“. Product and digital advertising strategies as well as new sales channles & communities are emerging to cater to different audiences. An example are foodies, who travel for culinary experience and also use food as a pretext to meet the locals and learn about their lives.  (see foto and the two examples of VizEat and.

Will you come again next year?