23/06/2017 Marketing

Six reasons why you can trust your brand with us

Media agencies, advertising networks and large third party content sites are in the line of fire for the last few months … again. They are being critized for not properly scrutinizing their media buying processes or auditing the user generated content enough … again. These practices are not only harmful to brands (let alone confuse users) but potentially fund terrorism.

This topic resurfaces in the media at least once a year, but also submerges quickly and makes way for a discussion about a) viewability, b) margins, c) attribution or d) all of the above. We also feared it would lose the medias’ attention quickly this time, but the discussion is still ongoing and we welcome it. Just as we welcome it every time, when our (potential) partners ask us about our inventory sources and the safety of their brands.


This is why I wanted to use the occassion and sum up the most important reasons, why our partners can trust their brands with us:


  • travel audience manages its Premium-Publisher-Network with tender, love, and care. These partnerships are selected, managed and grown by people, not machines. We want to reach millions of travelers, not machines. We want to guarantee a brand safe environment for advertisers, and also guarantee proper advertising partners for our publishers and their users.
  • The programmatic advertising arm of our travel advertising platform is led by our colleagues, and supported by the algorithms they create and master. 90 percent of this inventory is managed via private deals i.e. directly managed partnerships with Europe’s leading online publishing houses and tested travel inventory.
  • The remaining programmatic inventory is purchased via open auctions, and we are working with whitelists only. This means we pick the pages prior to starting the campaigns and scrutinize the inventory regularly.
  • We also support third-party technologies, which screen URLs for questionable content.
  • Our campaign- and account managers are constantly checking their partners campaign inventory.
  • Our overall goal is to contribute to our clients’ growth. This is why we focus on performance metrics. Simply accumulating impressions will not yield conversions. As one of our partners said very wisely: “I am not the Minister of Impressions, I am the Minister of Tourism!”

If you have any questions, please contact me via mail directly. I would love to tell you more about it.