travel audience out of home banner at programmatic meetup
30/03/2017 Events

Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin – Recap

Around 70 programmatic enthusiasts joined us for the first “Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin” of 2017. We gather every quarter, share best practices, swap war stories and exchange information, and this time we gathered at the event location of spacedealer, who has been an avid supporter from day one.

We wanted to establish a round in which newbies can ask questions without acronym-ridden sales pitches, and where data geeks can find like-minded solution-driven believers and establish solutions together. This is what the meetup is all about and we made it happen again last Tuesday. This time a total of four speakers let us sneak a peak in their world, and we are am certain everybody was able to broaden his or her programmatic horizon.

Florian Hackenberger introduced us to CAR2AD, their business model and their challenges in merging programmatic advertising with mobile out of home media. Here you can see a sample; the very first out of home banner of travel audience (by accident next to a regular vinyl event banner).

travel audience out of home banner at programmatic meetup

Florian’s presentation was followed by a long Q&A round, which is our favorite part. In these rounds we always feel  that we have hit a nerve with starting this meetup series. People want to learn more, dig deeper and bring the programmatic sphere further. Florian’s Q&A could have probably taken a lot longer, but there were three more speakers who wanted to contribute to Berlin’s programmatic scene.

Our own Anton Zhukov performed a little “engine check” and shared insights and challenges of a Demand Side Platform. Topics like dynamic pricing floors, automated blacklisting and reducing hosting costs dominated this more technical section of the meetup.

The third session of by Daniel Rieber from adsquare was followed up by Bas Bruinsma from Adcombi. He gave us insights into the automation of localized advertising, so we heard not only about where and how to buy in a programmatic fashion, but also how to utilize programmatic solutions for an individualized delivery.

Once again, we would like to thank all four speakers and spacedealer for their great support. We are looking forward to the next installment end of June. If you want to know more about the Pr0grammat1c Meetup series in Berlin, want to contribute, please sign up here.