Nupur Grover - travel audience
22/08/2017 Interview

travel and technology

While we are busy editing our video project, we have taken the time to create an additional video snippet. It just wouldn’t be fair to our colleagues, who have taken the time and given so...

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09/08/2017 Interview

The foundation of travel audience

We are now enabling hundreds of publishers to monetize their traffic and enjoy incremental revenues, but we had to start with one publisher … ourselves. We sat down with our founder and CEO Alexander Trieb...

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travel audience shopping carts
31/07/2017 Interview, Programmatic

Doing Inventory

The right person, the right time, the right ad … and the right place. Let’s talk to one of the persons, who is responsible for laying the ground work and making “the right place” happen....

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pr0grammat1c meetup
12/07/2017 Events, Programmatic

Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin – 2017.06 – Video

In case you have not made it to the last Pr0grammat1c Meetup in June, you do have another chance now. Like last time, our Communications Designer Melanie filmed everything and created a wonderful recap video....

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travel audience lionel hoellinger
10/07/2017 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Lionel Hoellinger

This time we want to introduce Lionel Hoellinger to you. Lionel is the first remote employee we interview in this blog, as he is working in Amadeus‘ Research and Development headquarter in Nice. Lionel, tell us...

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03/07/2017 Events

5th Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin – Recap

The second “Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin” of 2017 drew around 80 people to the Meetrics headquarter on the 27th of June. We were glad to partner up with Meetrics for this Meetup, because not only did everybody...

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27/06/2017 Events, Interview

Emerce e-Travel – 2017 – Recap

Our Senior Sales Manager for OTAs, Metas & Data Partners Tiago Relvao was honored to present travel audience at the e-Travel in Amsterdam last Tuesday. Before his presentation dopamine wears off, we wanted to catch his feedback quickly....

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