30/10/2019 Events

How Big Data can help Destinations to turn into Digital Marketing Leaders

In the ninth consecutive year, we have seen tourism grow. This is an incredible success story, allowing the tourism industry and especially destinations to prosper and giving jobs to millions of people.  Any prognosis on tourism growth done previously has been outpaced and we see no signs that this trend will stop. 

Last year, Asia and the Middle East have become the fastest growing regions in terms of international tourist arrivals. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that we have just expanded our operations towards east, officially opening our Bangkok office headed by Tiago Relvao

Brigitte Löhl, Marketing Director at travel audience and Amadeus for Destinations, visited 13th World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) / PATA Forum on Tourism Trends and Outlooks in Guilin on the 17th -18th of October. We asked her to share some insights from the Event:

“In October, I attended as speaker the 13th UNWTO / PATA forum in Guilin. It was a super impressive event, where tourism trends and technologies were discussed among experts from instituions, destinations, academics and corporates. At the centre of the debate were two key questions:    

  1. How can Big Data help Destinations benefit from the digital revolution?
  2. How can destinations manage sustainable growth, from which all – visitors, residents, and entrepreneurs can prosper?   

The two topics are tightly linked and the key to it is data.    

We live in a data-driven world. 57% of the world’s population are connected to the internet. We spend on average, 6,5 hours per day using digital devices, like smartphones, tablets and computers. This means that there are more data at hands than ever for Destinations to know, attract and delight their ideal visitors. 

Destinations have started to become Digital Marketing leaders. This requires them to master three things: 

  • Accessing and using Big Data 
  • Turning big data into actionable Insights   
  • Driving effective Marketing campaigns, reaching their audience based on these insights  

We at travel audience & Amadeus for Destinations are addicted to support in all three areas.

Firstly, by combining numerous data sources, we can provide a most comprehensive set of air data. Secondly, based on that data, we can recommend on where and when to best start Digital Marketing campaigns. And thirdly, we use Big Data” inside”. Our advertising technology combines millions of relevant data sets, interpreted through machine learning and reaches the right audiences with the right promotion at the right time.    

The digital journey has just started. Technology to come will need to be shaped to help Destinations grow sustainably,  steering and dispercing visitor streams more intelligently. So that travelers can enjoy, residents can benefit and enterprises can make their livings.”