25/01/2017 Events

FITUR – 2017

Our colleague Jaime visited the FITUR in Madrid last week and we wanted to share some insights.

Jaime, please tell us what the FITUR is all about.
FITUR is a global meeting point for tourism professionals of any kind, hotels, DMOs, travel agencies, car rentals, airlines, tour operators … companies from over 160 countries, present their products and services. It is a great chance to network, share knowledge, prospect for new clients and in some cases (if you get lucky) close some good deals, always with a Cerveza and some Jamón Serrano.

Who should visit the FITUR?
FITUR is a great opportunity to meet experts in many different topics related to the travel industry. There are interesting conferences and all the big players are present, so I would recommend FITUR to anyone who is working directly or indirectly with the tourism sector, or anyone interested in acquiring knowledge about it. Moreover, FITUR is also a great place to discover and get inspired about new travel possibilities, destinations, activities so FITUR would also be a great place for anyone who enjoys to travel as they would be able to discover many insights about many countries and regions that present themselves at this trade.

Tell us more about the Spanish market
The Spanish market is of key relevance for anyone who works in the industry. We have to consider that Spain is one of the biggest tourism destinations in terms of volume, not only at European level but at global level, with more than 75 million tourists in 2016.
Great geographical location, enjoyable weather, fantastic gastronomy, beautiful landscape and cities makes of Spain a very interesting and competitive option.

Will you go again next year?
It is very important to me to meet my clients on a personal level, not only because this is good in order to build close relationships and partnerships, but also because I do actually enjoy it and even more because it is in my hometown Madrid. This year I met lots of interesting people and valuable leads that would help me to drive forward business for travel audience, so yes, I would hope to visit FITUR again in 2018.