11/12/2018 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Rakshana Yohageethan

A new month means a new Employee Spotlight. This time we sat down with Rakshana.

Rakshana, please tell us what you do at travel audience.
I am helping the HR department on daily tasks, such as coordinating interviews. Here and there I also used to help the Marketing department, until I also joined them. As marketing team, we are currently working on redesigning the whole office. It is interesting to work on both sides and to get insights into both departments.

How does this help the travelers?
I would say I am not directly helping the traveler, but helping the people, who have a direct impact on the travelers by finding the right inspiration.

Tell us about your background.
I am currently doing my bachelor’s degrees in business administration with specializing in human resources. During my studies, I had to do an internship and joined the HR department of travel audience. After this internship I stayed on as a working student at TA.

What is your big project at travel audience? Your big challenge?
My big challenge was and still is coordinating the onboarding process. I think it is very important to give people a good start, because the first impression determines the mindset and the motivation towards working for a company.

Why did you choose the travel industry?
This answer is so obvious ha-ha. I am a person who is extremely curious about new things as well as new cultures! Ever since I was a child I loved the feeling of being in a plane and reaching a completely different destination.

Why did you choose Berlin?
Even if don’t look like a typical Berliner, I am a real Berliner. I am born and raised here, and this makes me one of the rare BERLINERs at TA.

What is your favorite travel destination?
My favorite travel destination so far is Sri lanka! First of all because my roots are from there, and secondly because it is just an amazing country with beaches, mountains, breathtaking landscapes and good weather! I haven’t visited every corner, but it is definitely on my bucket list for 2019.

What is your travel tip / #travelhack
Be with locals, they know the best spots to eat!

What is the best thing about your job?
The people are super friendly and are always willing to help!

What have you not told your colleagues?
I have been dancing classical Indian dance since the age of 6.