05/09/2018 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Mathias Gerber

Another month, another employee spotlight. We have sat down with Mathias Gerber from our Airline Sales team.

Tell us what you do at travel audience
I am heading the Airline Sales team and in charge of our airline expansion strategy. My team and I are working directly with the airlines and provide them with our products and knowledge to grow their business.

How does this help the travelers?
We enable our airline partners to reach out to customers with the best offers at the right time, i.e. when they are planning a trip. This way we can make advertising a lot more relevant to the customers helping them and the airline, too!

Tell us about your background
I have been working in the travel industry ever since I started my career in the mid-90s and have worked for a lot of companies, mostly in sales. In the last 12 years I have worked in the online travel space for international players such as TripAdvisor, OdigeO, and Kayak before joining travel audience.

Why did you choose the travel industry?
I discontinued my first course of studies as a business economist after two semesters because it was just too boring, and I had only two opportunities: starting at IBM or working at a small tour operator specialized for worldwide hiking tours. One day, I was asked by the CEO of the tour operator if I could help him to talk to prospective clients and at that very moment I knew, this was the industry I wanted to work in! Never regretted this decision!

Why did you choose travel audience?
As Head of Sales at Odigeo I was one of the first movers to partner with travel audience on the OTA side. I knew travel audience and our CEO Alex quite well, and it just felt like a natural next step for me to switch sides. The products and the momentum of travel audience have always been impressive, and I wanted to become part of this success story.

Tell us about your work with Amadeus. Do you have a lot of contact with your colleagues around the globe?
I work with different teams within Amadeus such as Amadeus Media, the RMS team and with other colleagues in Bad Homburg and Nice. We are looking to find new and successful business models and corporations to approve our relationship within Amadeus. It is always great to get a deeper dive into the big world of Amadeus.

Together we have developed the MetaConnect product, which we use to link airlines and metaseachers. It has become a unique product, which already more than 20 airlines are using, and the cooperation with Amadues is wonderful.

We have also developed our Social Advertising product together, where we allow airlines to show dynamic fares in the facebook feed, both for retargeting and prospecting campaigns; another ‘industry first’ product, which is wonderful to introduce to our airline clients.

What is your favourite travel destination?
I have been traveling a lot to the Scandinavian countries doing some fantastic hiking tours in the wilderness. Especially the northern parts above the polar circle are simply stunning!! Guys – no need to travel far to experience real wilderness.

What is your travel tip / #travelhack
Don´t go into the Tromsö planetarium during summer time unless you want to have an hour sleep for € 21. As soon as the light turns out you will fall asleep, andwake up when the sun rises. This happened to my group of 20 guests when touring.

What is the best thing about your job?
To see the growth and success of the company and being part of it! Also working with such a fantastic and diverse group of people.

What is your hidden talent?
I am a pretty good singer and you will find me singing in a local shanty choir as one of the lead voices. Have been singing since my youth, in bands that are mostly punk and hard rock. Challenge me in karaoke!

What have you not told your colleagues?
I am a big fan of Heavy Metal, going to concerts and festivals whenever possible. Next big thing will be Slayer – listen to Black Magic to hear one of my all-time favorites but make sure to play it loud!