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11/12/2017 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Erkan Dereli

It is time for another interview with one of our colleagues. Erkan Dereli took the time to answer our questions and we are delighted to introduce another great co-worker.

Please tell us what you do at travel audience!

I am working as Senior Campaign Manager and in this position I am managing campaigns from various airlines and tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How does this help the travelers?

I am always comparing this with sitting in a restaurant. We are preparing the menu with a good variety of offers and destinations the traveler might be interested in – they only have to choose where they want to go.

Tell us about your background!

Actually during my (linguistics) studies at university I have never seen myself working in an online company and when hearing “CTR” or “CPC” for the first time, I would have thought of some exotic disease. But during my traineeship at a well-known DSP (yet another abbreviation!) here in Berlin, I came to the conclusion that it has been a good decision to start working in this industry!

What is your big project at travel audience? Your big challenge?

Currently I am working closely together with our Product Team and our developers, since we are in the middle of launching our brand-new Campaign Management Tool, which we have built inhouse. I am testing quite a lot and giving input to the team.

How long have you been working at travel audience?

I started working at travel audience last year in October.

Why did you choose the travel industry?

Who is not dreaming of his/her next holiday? Here you can easily combine your passion for travelling and daily work!

Why did you choose travel audience?

I was looking for a company which had already grown out of being a typical startup but at the same time is still full of energy – at travel audience I just found that!

What is your favourite travel destination?

Istanbul! Is there any other place in the world where you can have an intercontinental cab ride with a stunning view?!

What is the best thing about your job?

Every day we are “translating” abstract data (numbers and digits) into practical action (optimizations of our campaigns) and after a very short time you can see the (positive) results of your daily work!

 What is your hidden talent?

I am afraid it is well hidden – I still have to discover it!


If you want to become a new colleauge from Erkan and all the other people who combine their passion for travel and technology, please have a look at our career section. We are always looking for good people.