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19/09/2017 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – David Sarcia

Once again we have the pleasure to introduce one of our great colleagues to you. David Sarcia joined us as a Key Account Manager and took the time to answer our questions and tell a little bit about himself.

Tell us what you do at travel audience?

I make sure that the advertising campaigns of our DMO customers are always successful! As a Key Account Manager, I take care of the launch, optimization and performance review of advertising campaigns – in a nutshell, I look after our partners’ happiness.

How does this help the travelers?

These projects, together with the relationship that I nurture with our partners, for sure help travelers to find the best inspiration for their next trip. I mean, wouldn’t you be inspired to see an amazing video of a beach destination while checking the weather forecast of your (rainy) hometown?

Tell us about your background

I have a translation and interpreting studies background, but I’ve always worked in sales and marketing, in the tourism domain in most cases. In 2012, I started working in the advertising industry and now I basically combine the two worlds.

How long have you been working at travel audience?

Six months now.

Why did you choose the travel industry?

The travel industry chose me! A month after my graduation I was travelling the world on board of a cruise ship as a shore excursion officer … from that moment I’ve never stopped thinking that this is the best industry ever.

Why did you choose travel audience?

I saw the great opportunity to be in a fast environment, between high-end advertising technology and tourism.

How long have you been living in Berlin?

Since I joined travel audience, 6 months now.

Why did you choose Berlin?

The main reason was to work for travel audience. The second reason was that I wanted to live in a completely different city to what I was used to until now.

Tell us about your work with Amadeus. Do you have a lot of contact with your colleagues around the globe?

Occasionally, I work hand in hand with Amadeus colleagues when it comes to finding the best solutions that can make our customers happy, at 360 degrees. I work with some colleagues from UK, Benelux and LATAM.

What is your favourite travel destination?

The Virgin Islands blew me away, big time! However, what inspires me the most is definitely La Havana.

What is your travel tip / #travelhack

#wheninromedoastheromansdo   😊

What is the best thing about your job?


What is your hidden talent?

I think I can dance salsa quite well!

What have you not told your colleagues?

I love Cuban cigars, but not just that: I have attended workshops for “catadores” and cigar tasting events, I have been to cigar festivals and even have my own “humidor” to keep cigars in good shape.


If you want to join David and become part of the world’s leading data-driven travel advertising platform, have a look at our current job offers. We are always looking for great people.