03/06/2019 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Alessandro Deflorian

Once again we have the pleasure to introduce one of our amazing colleagues to you. This time we have interviewed Alessandro Deflorian.

Tell us what you do at travel audience.
I work as Account Manager for GCC and Italy, as well as taking care of the partnerships with our biggest reseller.

How does this help the travelers?
As Account Manager, I make sure campaigns booked by advertisers are properly set-up and executed. In short, if travelers get inspired by new seeing our ads for new places to travel to, it is also thanks to my work!

Tell us about your background.
After getting my post-grad master in European Business, I started working in the gaming industry in Berlin. I gained a few years of experience in performance marketing and in-game and in-app monetization in this fantastic industry before moving to travel.

What is your big project at travel audience? Your big challenge?
My biggest project is taking care of the partnership with our reseller. The big challenge has definitely been to adjust myself to the different levels of professionality the industry has, compared to a relatively young industry such as the gaming one.

How long have you been working at travel audience?
I started about 10 months ago.

Why did you choose the travel industry?
The travel industry seemed to be the right choice given the huge interest and evolution of ad-tech in use. As an ad-tech lover, working in an industry where the technology has only been recently adopting and it is evolving fast, is extremely engaging.

Why did you choose travel audience?
The expertise in ad-tech, the international background of the team and the great mix of professionality and experience of the people made travel audience the perfect fit for a new adventure.

How long have you been living in Berlin?
I have been living in Berlin for 6 years now.

Why did you choose Berlin?
Berlin chose me! I came here to study in 2013 and the amazing start-up scene made it my home.

What is your favourite travel destination?
I am very biased here, but it’s Italy. I love going back home, and getting lost in the amazing mix of different cultures that you can find from north to south.

What is your travel tip / #travelhack?
I learned that the hard way, always keep your essentials on you, and never in the big luggage.

What is the best thing about your job?
Every day is different! Working with clients, you never face the same problem twice and you are often thrown out of your schedule. I love that I always need to learn and adapt to different situations.

What is your hidden talent ?
I can make some really good animal impressions.

What have you not told your colleagues?
I am very talkative, so I guess I told them a lot about me.

If you want to join us and help Alessandro and the team to make travel audience the world’s leading data-driven travel advertising platform, check out our career section.