27/06/2017 Events, Interview

Emerce e-Travel – 2017 – Recap

Our Senior Sales Manager for OTAs, Metas & Data Partners Tiago Relvao was honored to present travel audience at the e-Travel in Amsterdam last Tuesday. Before his presentation dopamine wears off, we wanted to catch his feedback quickly.

Tiago, tell us about eTravel.

eTravel is the event for online travel in the Netherlands. You get to see the latest cases of innovative and successful airlines, travel agencies, accommodations and of course OTAs. Innovators, startups and reigning champions present some of their secrets and quick wins, but also learnings that were gained by mishaps and of course ground-breaking ideas. The themes are diverse, but provide specific insights.

What were your favourite sessions?

I was very much interested to learn about Travix views on how speed of technology is impacting travel and business and Travix in specific. I have also attended with curiosity the Blockchain & Travel, Disruptive Models from Webpower and Hackers, not always the “bad boys on the block” so we need to hug them.

Unfortunately due to the parallel sessions sometimes you need to select the track you want to attend. I would have preferred to attend more in the large room and have more English speakers.

And what was your own session about?

I made the case, that if done right, data-driven advertising is a useful solution to overcome a lot of challenges of travel advertisers, namley acquire, engage, convert and retain users effectively. It is the combination of five building blocks from relevant data to prediction models to personalized content to dynamic bidding to the final closed feedback loop, that increases your chance for greater success within data driven advertising.

Next to that I also tried to explain a bit more about machine learning and that programmatic advertising is not a “one size shoe fits all” solution. It requires a lot of dedication, testing and experimentation … something we have done our selves extensively over the years.

So what were your key takeaways from the day?

After all, Amadeus and travel audience are uniquely positioned in the travel ecosystem and we have the capability to serve almost every player in the travel industry – also present during this day in Amsterdam.

Does that mean you will come back next year?

 I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.