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12/01/2018 tech

Storing Protobuf bytes in BigTable

One of our Data Engineers Benjamin has published an article about Storing Protobuf bytes in BigTable. At travel audience, we have a...

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trinity college
30/11/2017 tech

Artifact Repository Management

At travel audience we design, implement, run and maintain loads of software pieces. For instance, we have apps that consume,...

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Scheduling tasks on Google cloud platform
24/11/2017 tech

Scheduling tasks on Google cloud platform

At travel audience we use Google Cloud Platform in our data engineering stack. Every day, we process terabytes of data using Apache...

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10/11/2017 tech

Testing Background Network Requests with Selenium

Few words are required to express the importance of e2e testing for any piece of software, and this definitely holds...

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testing tools
09/11/2017 tech

Tooling in a React Application

At the end of 2016, we the Frontend team @ travel audience, had found ourselves with a large sized React-Redux application,...

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