travel audience - programmatic meetup
30/04/2019 Events, Programmatic

Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin – 2019.03

Around 100 of Berlin’s programmatic enthusiasts met at the Unternehmerclub for the tenth Pr0grammat1c Meetup last month. As you can see in our recap video, we had a great time and we are looking forward to the...

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travel audience - programmatic meetup
15/03/2018 Events, Programmatic

Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin – 2018.02

Around 80 of Berlin’s programmatic enthusiasts got together at the Spreewalker for the seventh Pr0grammat1c Meetup last month. We networked, we laughed, and we exchanged information about the GDPR, the E-Privacy regulation and also offline programmatic...

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travel audience - pr0grammat1c meetup berlin
14/12/2017 Events, Programmatic

Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin – 2017.11 – All Videos

Our partners from DCMN have also recorded the sessions from the last Pr0grammat1c Meetup. If you have not had the time to attend, you can now watch both presentations and the panel discussion.    

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05/12/2017 Events, Programmatic

Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin – 2017.11

There was another amazing Pr0grammat1c Meetup in November, and in case you were not able to join, just have a look at the recap video.   A big THANK YOU goes to everybody, who has contributed...

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31/07/2017 Interview, Programmatic

Doing Inventory

The right person, the right time, the right ad … and the right place. Let’s talk to one of the persons, who is responsible for laying the ground work and making “the right place” happen....

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pr0grammat1c meetup
12/07/2017 Events, Programmatic

Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin – 2017.06 – Video

In case you have not made it to the last Pr0grammat1c Meetup in June, you do have another chance now. Like last time, our Communications Designer Melanie filmed everything and created a wonderful recap video....

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