travel audience - nupur grover
26/02/2017 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Nupur Grover

Nupur, what do you do at travel audience? I am leading the frontend team at travel audience, and I am currently working on the revamp of the company’s Campaign Management Tool. How does this help...

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travel audience - maria petrova
15/01/2017 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Maria Petrova

I am part of the reporting and analysis team. I have always been a very visually oriented person. I am trying to make data easily accessible and quickly digestable. If a dashboard is easy to...

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travel audience - aleksander antsiferov
16/05/2016 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Aleksander Antsiferov

What do you do at travel audience? My job title is Airline Sales Manager and well, I sell to airlines our digital advertising and travel audience meta connect solutions. How does this help the travelers?...

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