traveler motivation
14/08/2018 Amadeus, Research

Machine learning is the key to delivering what travelers want

If you were a mother looking to book a family holiday would you be interested in singles cruises or an extreme sports vacation? Probably not. And with the advances in advertising technology, there is no...

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the winning formula in data-driven advertising
03/11/2017 Amadeus, Events

The winning formula in data-driven advertising

You have probably stumbled upon our Winning Formula on our homepage. Our founder and CEO Alexander Trieb was honored to present this winning formula at the last Amadeus Online Connect in Berlin. The event brought Amadeus...

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19/05/2017 Amadeus

Amadeus by the numbers

As Amadeus subsidiary, we sometimes have to explain who Amadeus is; and this is always a great moment. When you start explaining what Amadeus does, the global reach it has, and how many aspects of...

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