Benjamin Benoist - Ironman
13/07/2018 Employee Spotlight

Benjamin Benoist completes the Ironman Triathlon

We are proud to announce that we now have our very own Ironman at travel audience. At the age of 28, Benjamin Benoist has completed the Ironman Triathlon and we couldn’t be prouder of our Data Engineer!

So, how does one become an Ironman? Athletes begin their journey by embarking on a two-loop 3.8 km swim in the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Then, they bike for 180 km through the alps making their way past beautiful villages and meandering through mountains. If that wasn’t enough, they proceed to overtake roughly 2000 meters of challenging climbs ending with a 42,195 km run along the Promenade des Anglais.

It’s no easy feat, but one of our very own did it. Congratulations!