03/07/2017 Events

5th Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin – Recap

The second “Pr0grammat1c Meetup Berlin” of 2017 drew around 80 people to the Meetrics headquarter on the 27th of June. We were glad to partner up with Meetrics for this Meetup, because not only did everybody enjoy the great view at the Alexanderplatz from the 10th floor; Meetrics has also been attending this series from the very beginning and knows what our group is about and how to provide the right input for everybody to learn more about programmatic advertising.

After a few welcome words from Philipp von Hilgers and Max von Hilgers we dove deep into the vast (excuse the pun) ocean of video advertising. Clemens Egle from Meetrics gave us a very entertaining introduction into the history of video and motion pictures, before going into details on tracking in video advertising and video ad measurement.

VAST tracking

VAST tracking

It was a great presentation and truely set the stage for the rest of evening, which was followed up Stephane Leonard who provided a great overview on our data sources and real life applications in programmatic advertising in the travel space. Whether the data is used for offer selection, bid price determination, user segmentation or plain advertiser insights, Stephane showed examples for all of these scenarios and gave more insights on how we get our data.

Staying on the topic of data, Ciro Scognamiglio from MEDIA IQ started his talk by presenting the evolution of intelligent analytics and the role of data science in programmatic advertising: making data insightful is the most important objective. Ciro showed great mini case studies in which we could see how data was applied in unique combinations, and allowed to reach goals such as linking brands to specific places and times, finding new customers or personalizing marketing campaigns more.

bulding advance user segmentation

building advanced user segmentation

Jennifer Weltzien from Smart AdServer gave a great performance talking about the “Dealemma”. She hosted an interactive excursion into the strategic and operational craziness of Private Marketplaces, in which we were all asked to share our experiences about deals. Whether the devil was in the details, people misunderstand each other, or deals were more complicated than they had to be, the session was delightful, because it showed once again, that programmatic advertising will always have a human element to it, and that we always have to keep learning and evolving in the programmatic realm.

This is the overall purpose of the Pr0grammat1c Meetup series and we are glad we are going so strong. There are now more than 200 members and if you are interested in joining, want to know more about, or have an idea on how to contribute to our purpose, just go to the Meetup page.

We want to thank all the speakers once again for their great presentations and Meetrics for having us over. It was a great evening.