travel audience - microservices
25/01/2018 tech

Choosing an API technology for micro-services

At travel audience we are currently in the progress of migrating our backend systems from a monolith (actually a pair of .NET web applications and Postgres database) to a micro-service based architecture. Our Team Lead for...

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12/01/2018 tech

Storing Protobuf bytes in BigTable

One of our Data Engineers Benjamin has published an article about Storing Protobuf bytes in BigTable. At travel audience, we have a need to store a large quantity of data (1.6 TB / day with 3 months...

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travel audience pavithra rajendran

Employee Spotlight – Pavithra Rajendran

It is time again to introduce one of the great people who make a difference at travel audience. This time we interviewed Pavithra Rajendran. Tell us what you do at travel audience? I am a frontend...

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