trinity college
30/11/2017 tech

Artifact Repository Management

At travel audience we design, implement, run and maintain loads of software pieces. For instance, we have apps that consume, process and generate millions of messages per second, where minimalism is key to achieve low-latency,...

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Scheduling tasks on Google cloud platform
24/11/2017 tech

Scheduling tasks on Google cloud platform

At travel audience we use Google Cloud Platform in our data engineering stack. Every day, we process terabytes of data using Apache Beam streaming workflows (on Cloud Dataflow). Our analytic workload is powered by batch jobs using...

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travel audience - marzena pallazzo
10/11/2017 Interview

Employee Spotlight – Marzena Pallazzo

We are getting a lot of positive feedback on our employee spotlights and want to keep introducing colleauges from travel audience. This time we have talked to Marzena Pallazzo. Marzena, please tell us what you...

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10/11/2017 tech

Testing Background Network Requests with Selenium

Few words are required to express the importance of e2e testing for any piece of software, and this definitely holds for frontend UIs. Testing is hard, but it pays back if done properly. Selenium gives...

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testing tools
09/11/2017 tech

Tooling in a React Application

At the end of 2016, we the Frontend team @ travel audience, had found ourselves with a large sized React-Redux application, with a fairly modern technical stack, a decent amount of test coverage and 3 developers...

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the winning formula in data-driven advertising
03/11/2017 Amadeus, Events

The winning formula in data-driven advertising

You have probably stumbled upon our Winning Formula on our homepage. Our founder and CEO Alexander Trieb was honored to present this winning formula at the last Amadeus Online Connect in Berlin. The event brought Amadeus...

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