03/03/2020 tech

Bidding Optimisation in Ad Auctions

Learn about the ad auction bidding strategy and optimising it relative to campaign constraints in the newest article by Ville Lahtinen,...

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30/10/2019 Events

How Big Data can help Destinations to turn into Digital Marketing Leaders

In the ninth consecutive year, we have seen tourism grow. This is an incredible success story, allowing the tourism industry...

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14/08/2019 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Gonzalo Blanc

We are happy to treat you with the new edition of our employee spotlight series. This time we interviewed Gonzalo. Gonzalo, please...

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07/08/2019 tech

Sonatype-Nexus Cleanup — Advanced level

Is your Nexus repository cluttered? We wrote a tool to allow more advanced cleanup options, check it out in our...

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26/06/2019 Programmatic, tech

Publishing code documentation in Kubernetes

Python’s Docstring, Java’s Javadoc, Go’s godoc… our Continuous Delivery Engineer Jeff explains in his newest article for our tech blog why and how...

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03/06/2019 Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Alessandro Deflorian

Once again we have the pleasure to introduce one of our amazing colleagues to you. This time we have interviewed Alessandro...

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travel audience - tech blog - graphQL
13/05/2019 tech

Tschüss REST, hallo GraphQL

Our Go Developer Kaarthik wrote another edition of our tech blog. He created an extensive overview on how travel audience...

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