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travel audience is the world’s leading data-driven travel advertising platform.

Our platform connects the leading performance-oriented advertisers with
the biggest network of publishers, reaching millions of travelers.

We reach millions of travelers

Publishers need to deliver value to their audiences, and monetize their inventory without harming the user experience. Advertisers want to reach their potential customers and look for effective ways to reach specific audiences. And travelers, they love to find the offer they were looking for and book what they fall in love with.

This is what we do. We reach millions of travelers and fuel the travel advertising ecosystem with our platform.

Our partners

We serve more than 300 advertising partners, such as airlines, online travel agencies, hospitality groups, destination marketing organizations and other vendors of travel products. Our platform generates up-to-date travel offers automatically and efficiently. These offers are target audience specific, dynamic and scalable, and are displayed to users of our publisher network.

Our Premium Publisher Network consists of more than 500 travel publishers, including online travel agencies, metasearch sites and travel sites, who publish third-party content in the form of native advertising. Moreover, we have more than 1000 travel specific private market place deals with the biggest publishers, as a base for data-driven display advertising in all IAB formats on desktop, mobile and video.

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Our platform

Our data-driven travel advertising platform consists of two major components:

The Premium Publisher Network publishes third-party content via native advertising and our own demand-side-platform provides end-to-end data-driven advertising solutions to our partners.

We leverage machine learning to identify when people search for trips, when they book and above all, when it makes sense to show them offers of our partners.

We optimize advertising across the entire traveler journey, identify and create new audiences, and increase our partners reach, relevance and booking volumes.

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