travel audience is a Demand Side Platform built specifically for the travel industry. We empower travel companies to target online travelers through the power of programmatic advertising. We display bookable travel offers with real time pricing based on the individual needs of a traveler.

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At any point in time, only a small percentage of users on your site are performing an action such as booking a trip. Most will visit several sites before making a decision to buy. As a result, much of your marketing spend remains without return. travel audience helps you monetize your non-converting users and maximize your return.

Native Ads

Increase your performance with custom ad formats

Our specifically designed ad formats will seamlessly integrate into the look and feel of your website. travel audience enhances your content with contextually relevant ads fitting directly with your travel information or search result pages. Contact us today to discover how we can help you better monetize your traffic.

Direct Search Ads

Inline search ads with bookable offers

Integrate contextually relevant native ads with bookable offers directly into your search results. travel audience provides a powerful platform to maximize your advertising revenues. Learn more about direct search ads by contacting us today.

Monetize your traffic

Maximize your non-converting users

travel audience is already enabling hundreds of travel related websites to enjoy unparalleled increases in incremental revenue, letting them focus instead on their core business. Contact with us today and become part of our premium publisher network.

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travel audience is a Demand Side Platform built from scratch to meet the specific needs and challenging requirements of the travel industry. Our real-time programmatic advertising capabilities allow you to target millions of online travelers across the globe each day, with real-time bookable travel offers.

Target your travel audience

Reach millions of online travelers

Our unique ad serving platform lets you display real time travel offers at the best price to millions of online travelers. Campaign optimization capabilities provide you with flexible targeting leading to performance focused results. Our dedicated team of ad operations experts helps you optimize your programmatic advertising campaigns. Learn more about how we can reach your goals by contacting us today.

Real-Time travel offers

Bookable content with real-time pricing

Use your entire product portfolio for your programmatic advertising campaigns. travel audience works closely with travel companies to incorporate available and bookable travel offers with real-time pricing information. Whether you are a partner of Amadeus or TravelTainment, or have your own product feed, we have many years of experience in integrating real-time product offers into our platform to optimize campaign performance. Contact us today to find out more.


Proprietary algorithms to improve performance

At travel audience we are continuously enhancing our R&D efforts improving the intelligence of our ad delivery engine, further maximizing your results. We automatically match millions of travelers with billions of travel offers within milliseconds, ensuring we show the right ad to the right user at the right time at the right price. Find out more by getting in contact with us today.

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Real-time data and travel-focused intelligence creates a powerful performance platform. With our very own technology platform, we calculate billions of data points in real-time using proprietary algorithms. Our passionate team of experts completes our full service offering, ensuring you reach your full potential.


Built from scratch for travel

Every line of code is optimized to the needs of the travel industry. We have spent several years perfecting the delivery of billions of ads. Today we are proud to be in the Top 5% of Demand Side Platforms operating in the programmatic ecosystem. We know our system inside out and are continuously improving it. Contact our team today to learn more.


Not just big, but useful

At travel audience, we have access to data points unparalleled in the travel industry today. Through our close relationship to Amadeus and TravelTainment, we are in a unique position to understand the needs of online travelers better than anyone else. Combined with a flexible architecture to integrate your data into our platform, we can deliver the right message to the right user throughout the entire traveler lifecycle and customer journey. Find out more by contacting us today.

Full service

Our dedicated team of experts

Travel and passion go hand in hand. Our international team of travel-loving experts understand your needs and goals. We simply know travel, and have already assisted hundreds of travel companies around the globe in navigating the complexities of programmatic advertising. Let us help achieve your objectives, get in contact with us today.

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Combine your passion for travel and technologies in the most exciting city in Europe, Berlin! At travel audience we work with great people, cutting-edge technologies and the world´s leading travel industry partners. Join us to solve the biggest challenges in digital advertising today.

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Terms and Conditions for the travel audience Publisher Program

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before you fill out the registration form on travel audience in order to participate in the travel audience publisher program. By registering and participating in this program, you are accepting the following Terms and Conditions, and the following rights and obligations. Please do not register and do not apply for participation in this program, if you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions.

The following agreement is a contract between you, referred to as “Partners” and the “travel audience” GmbH, Mozartstraße 4b – 7, D-53115 Bonn. You are entitled to participate in the Publisher Program only, if you accept this Agreement.


travel audience owns technology with which context-sensitive advertising can be displayed in text-image combinations on websites with travel-related content environments.

To this end, travel audience has entered into agreements with relevant advertisers from the travel industry.

The Partner operates one or more websites on which, among other things, travel-related content is made available and intends to place contextual advertising on those sites using the technology made available by travel audience.

To this end, the Parties agree as follows:

1. Subject of the Agreement
1.1. travel audience and the Partner intend to enter into a cooperation to market ad space on the websites of the Partner. To this end, travel audience shall analyze the content of the relevant website of the Partner and select relevant promotional offers from the travel audience database and display them on the website of the Partner.
1.2. The displayed promotional offers originate from the travel agency sector (package deals, flights, hotels, etc.) and travel service provider sector (airlines, hotels, vacation home providers, etc.). The advertiser is solely responsible for the content of the relevant display ad.
1.3. travel audience shall pay the Partner for each time visitors click on a displayed promotional offer on the website of the Partner in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and shall control the ads via its own technology after one-time setup by the Partner.
2. Rights of Use
2.1. To this end, the Partner shall grant travel audience the right to analyze the Partner website via the invocation code to be installed by the Partner on its website for the purpose of selecting contextual display ads and to display third-party ads on the Partner
2.2. The Partner shall receive a simple, non-exclusive, revocable, non-sublicensable right to use the invocation code provided by travel audience for the purpose of integrating it into its website and to publish, distribute, and display the ads made available via the invocation code. Any further use shall be excluded, in particular, the Partner shall not pass on, alter, or provide the invocation code or the ad tag to third parties or alter, reproduce, or provide the display ad made available via the invocation code to third parties outside the position predetermined by the invocation code or ad tag on the Partner website.
3. travel audience services
3.1. travel audience offers a technology enabling external travel-sector advertisers to place ad material on the Partner websites within a blind network. To this end, travel audience shall provide the following services:

  • travel audience will enter into agreements with the advertisers on its own behalf concerning the placement of ad material
  • travel audience will place the ad material of the advertisers directly on the Partner websites via the blind network in accordance with its contractual obligations to the advertisers and will assume the entire implementation of the agreements with the advertisers, including account settlement.
  • The Partner will be granted the opportunity at any time to not display certain advertisers on its sites.
  • travel audience shall be responsible merely for providing the technology to display contextual ads on the Partner website. travel audience shall be under no obligation to provide seamless availability of promotional offers on the Partner website or to display a promotional offer of a certain advertiser or a certain product.
3.2. travel audience will not exercise any influence, whether legal or economic, direct or indirect, over the content design of the Partner sites beyond the display of ads in accordance with this Agreement. The Partner alone shall be responsible for the content of its website.
4. Collaborative Duties of the Partner
4.1. The Partner undertakes

  • To integrate the ad tags provided by travel audience and the invocation code into its website. The formats and the go-live date will be coordinated between travel audience and the Partner. Upon consultation between travel audience and the Partner, the ad material may be de-activated intermittently for specific reasons, e.g. technical problems, relaunch. Should reservation losses verifiably
    occur as a result of the travel audience integration of ad material, travel audience must be informed promptly.
  • To provide travel audience with information about the areas in which travel audience is involved and about the generated reach in terms of page views.
  • To integrate the ad tags provided by travel audience and the invocation code into its website. The formats will be coordinated between travel audience and the Partner.
  • To place the ad tags and thus the display ads into a travel-related content environment and in as visible an area on its website as possible.
4.2. The Partner will not improperly use the provided invocation code or the ad tags, in particular, the Partner will refrain from:

  • Placing ad tags on empty websites, sites containing only ad material, or other such sites not included in the Agreement
  • Deploying methods undesirable and/or deceptive to the user which automatically generate artificial traffic/clicks, such as robots, spiders, auto-spawning browsers, meta refreshers, auto reloading, etc.
  • Allowing traffic from websites or uploads of data or from itself placing on its sites content which:
    is punishable (in particular, incitement to hatred or violence, slander, defamation, threats);
    is to be viewed as pornographic, vulgar or obscene, harassing, or otherwise objectionable;
    has irrelevant or untrue representations;
    is unconstitutional, extremist, racist, or xenophobic or originates from banned groupings;
    encroaches on third-party rights (individual and privacy rights, copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, or other third-party rights), such as the exchange of legally protected sound, image, or text files, software.
5. Remuneration
5.1. For making its website available under the terms of the Agreement, the Partner shall receive a fee amounting to 60 percent of the net advertising proceeds. “Net advertising proceeds” are understood as the proceed earned by travel audience for placing ad material on the websites of the Partner on the basis of the relevant advertising agreement concluded between travel audience and the ad partners, minus losses of receivables outstanding, discounts, refunds, or commissions retained by ad agencies.
5.2. Accounts shall be settled with the Partner on a monthly basis, subject to the condition precedent of receipt of the relevant payments by the ad customer to travel audience, and shall be credited to the account provided by the Partner.
6. Duration and Termination
6.1. The registration to the travel audience publisher program is an offer which might conclude to a contract after confirmation by travel audience. The contract is subject to these Terms and Conditions with confirmation by travel audience. travel audience is free to reject an Partner application if there are legitimate reasons for it. In the opinion of the travel audience, a legitimate reason is, if the Partner’s web content, where the travel audience advertisements shall be displayed, are not suitable for participation in the travel audience publisher program.
6.2. The Agreement shall be concluded for an indefinite period.
6.3. The Agreement may be terminated by either Party with notice of four (4) week. The right to terminate for cause shall remain unaffected hereby. Any termination must be made in writing.
7. Confidentiality
7.1. travel audience and the Partner undertake to treat as strictly confidential the information and documents made available as part of the partnership and to use them exclusively for the purpose of conducting the business relationship.
8. Liability
8.1. In the event of gross negligence or intent by travel audience, its managerial staff, legal representatives, or any other vicarious agents, travel audience shall be fully liable in accordance with legal provisions. The same shall apply in case of liability under the German Product Liability Act, in case of malice,1 and in case of lack of assumed warranty. In the event of slight negligence on the part of travel audience, its managerial staff, legal representatives, or engaged vicarious agents, liability shall be excluded if neither a significant contractual obligation was breached nor a case of impossibility or default exists.
8.2. Liability for slight negligence shall be limited to typically foreseeable damages. In these cases, the maximum sum for typically foreseeable damages shall be € 130.00 per damage event.
8.3. The liability of travel audience shall be excluded for the content of the third-party promotional offers transmitted and displayed via the travel audience technology.
8.4. travel audience shall be released from its service obligation if performance is delayed or constrained for a reason for which travel audience cannot be held accountable, including force majeure, acts of enemies, war, riot, fire, flood, explosion, labor dispute or strike, public-authority or government measures, interruption in the power supply or telecommunications, or disturbances in the telecommunications network and its facilities.
9. Final Provisions
9.1. No oral side agreements have been made. Amendments and modifications of this Agreement must be made in writing. The same shall apply to the waiver of this written-form requirement.
9.2. The invalidity of one or more provisions of the above Agreement shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The Parties shall, if necessary, reach an agreement which comes as close as possible to the economic spirit and purpose of the invalid provision.
9.3. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively, and Cologne shall be the place of jurisdiction.
Cologne, June 2014